Wednesday, June 28, 2017

For All the Visual Learners

A stock footage can be used as a very powerful tool to use in an advertising project or anything that requires a video or PowerPoint presentation. There are a lot of video clips right now which are becoming more and more creative. People have become accustomed to updating themselves with the latest skills in making a stock footage. Since it can be a very useful tool for everyone, it is necessary for a lot of people to learn how to make the perfect clip. In case you have a project in the future that needs this one, read this article. 

The first tip on creating a good clip is to have the perfect composition that will catch the attention of the audience. This pertains to how the subject is projected on the frame. Where is the subject located? It is not always the center position that should be used. Sometimes, some shots and angles aside from the center need to be focused on because of the quality that it would give. One must learn how to maintain the balance in the frame so that there will be symmetry. The composition should be eye-catching so that the audience will be glued to their seats when the video starts.

Since this is a video project, motion is one of the greatest elements that you should focus on. It does not just pertain to the movement of the subject but also, the movement of the camera is taken into consideration. It can be very enticing when the motion of the camera is very dynamic that it becomes unpredictable for the audience already. They would just get shocked as the frame shifts from one to another. Giving a very cinematic vibe can also help in improving the quality of your stock footage. 

You should also give emphasis on the performance of the talent especially if it is very crucial for the project. However, you should be very careful because some people do not approve of staged clips. As much as possible, they want something to be as real as possible. Learn how to sort out performances that need to be staged and those that do not. Some people might not believe the talent of the individual if it does not seem real anymore. During editing, try to see if you will be convinced of the performance that was provided by the talent. 

Needless to say, it is very important that you have a good lighting because it will set the overall mood and vibe of the scene. Good lighting takes into consideration many elements such as the ration, balance, contrast, and level of light that is provided in the scene. Light sources need not be artificial. You can also make use of the natural light source which will give you that certain vibe of freshness. These are just some of the techniques that you can do to create a good stock footage. Learn to keep all of these by heart. 

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